Friday, 6 February 2015

Fay' Garlic sauce with potato


1kg potatoes
1 head of garlic
1 cup olive oil 
1 cup lemon juice 
Salt and pepper 

Put the potatoes to boil.
Whisk garlic in wooden mortar until a paste.
Once the potatoes are done remove one by one from the hot water, peel and dissolve in the mortar with garlic throwing every once and a spoonful of olive oil and lemon.
Continue to beat the mortar gradually adding oil and lemon until they are creamy and you are satisfied with the taste. You can also do this  in a blender it will be easer

 You can do the last step of passing the garlic at doses in a blender. Do not pour too much oil from the start because if you take more than you need will not be able to make it creamy

You can Also make garlic sauce with  bread instead of the potatoes  place the bread in a blender add the garlic, salt and pepper and blend then slowly keep adding the oil and lemon juice until it becomes creamy!